Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I think everyone knows by now that Hamilton is a total crack-up. I wrote down a few recent moments today, so I thought I'd better record them here before my sloppy writing makes remembering them impossible.

H: I hate being little.
Me: Why? And don't say "hate." [evidence of good parenting attempts]
H: But I hate being little. I just want to grow up.
Me: Why? [curiosity overtakes good parenting attempts]
H: 'Cause I want to be like my dad.
Me: Well, I'd be really happy if you grew up to be like your dad.
H: No, no. Tell me not to grow up, tell me to stay little forever.
Me: :)


Proof that Hamilton needs to work on the term "sneaky":

1. He comes into the kitchen where I and two friends are talking, squeezes between everyone to try and scale the cupboard to reach a cookie. He totally telegraphs this move by saying aloud, "I'm going to get a cookie. They call me 'The Sneaky Guy.'"
2. As I'm walking downstairs today, Hamilton starts shushing me, "Shhh! Shhh!" I wondered, is he worrying about Beckett staying asleep? But, no, he then said, "I'm sneaking some candy."


Tonight he pick-pocketed Alex and ran off with the wallet.

Alex: Hey! Give that back to me!
H: No, I'm hiding it.
Alex: But I need my wallet.
H: But I'm keeping it for my collection

Yikes! He has a collection of stolen wallets??!

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  1. hilarious! i love the things they say! and be glad he's telling you he's being "sneaky"! -- it's when my kids stopped telling me that i got all worried!